Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Relationship

Yes, I want a relationship with you! All you have to do is become my follower. If you like what you see just push the follow button, and if you don't, well no hard feelings right? I've decided today that once I reach +100 followers, I will do my first giveaway! So help spread the love by putting my link on your page! Also, I would like to do a new blogger every month in my blogger spotlight. This will also start when I reach +100 followers. If you are interested in being in my blogger spotlight, please email me leaving a description of yourself and the picture you want to be used.

But besides all of that, today was a hectic day of work. I was on the run all day. Thankfully I was able to squeeze some Wally time in today. We went to an actual swinging bridge! A little scary, but besides that really fun and unique.


So as you all know, I bought this hot pink blazer from the wonderful thrift store I went to yesterday. I had to wear it today because I know a lot of you were interested in seeing what it looked like on! Well, it turns out it's a little to big for me, but I love it anyway!

Clothes worn in pictures: 
Blazer/Thrift store:: Watch/Good Will :: Shirt/ UO :: Shorts/J. Crew ::


nyc lu said...

wow what an amazing find that blazer was! it fits you perfectly! i am definitely in the market for something like it. maybe ill try my favorite thrift shop tomorrow :)

amanda lynn? said...

very cute outfit! lovely photos as well!

jamie-lee said...

cute outfit, i adore the blazer! I lvoe going on nature walks, I think it's been a while since I last went on one though x

L said...

such an amazing outfit!
the color looks great on you.
and of course i want to be a follower!
and i'll probably put the link for your blog on mine soon! :)


Robyn said...

What a fun place to take photos. Love the pops of color from your jacket and shoes.

Andrea said...

I love your blazer, it looks great on you even if it is little big.


Lauren said...

That blazer is too cute! I love the look of shorts + blazers!

Diana said...

such a lovely blazer! i love this outfit (and what a cool background!!!) you look beautiful as always :}

ps thank you so much for putting me under your favs! i feel so honored :} it means so much!!

Lee Oliveira said...

The blazer is very cute.


Jessica / Lola Vintage Clothing said...

Love all of the colors you used to put your outfit together, they work so well together!

Half Dressed said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog :) I love this outfit, the colour of the blazer is so nice! Following now :)

L x

Chloe said...

These pictures have a really nice vintagey feel to them, like they were taken in the 60's or something cos of the muted colours. Your blazer is gorgeous! Loving the colour very much!
Lovely blog


brunatreme said...

You look lovely!
amazing blazer <33

Santina said...

I really like that blazer. Great find!

I will admit that suspension bridges terrify me! I love the sensation of falling (sky diving and abseiling are two of my favorite activities) and yet those bridges really get to me! Picture two of this set is totally me!


Lisa Fergus said...

LOVE the hot pink blazer with the mustard shoe! Great color combo!
and love the photo shoot location!

Emily said...

Sometimes these simple outfits with bright colours in surprising places are my favourites!

P.S. I've just added you on bloglovin... would be delighted if you liked my blog enough to do the same... though as you say, no hard feelings!

JMay said...

Seriously loving your style all over your blog!!!