Saturday, August 14, 2010

Seven hundred and thirty days

I have been dating my boyfriend Wally, for exactly seven hundred and thirty days today. I had a fun date with him so I wanted to tell and show you all about it, but first I need to start from the beginning. I decided to make delicious cupcakes from a recipe I found at a site called Ming Makes Cupcakes. I love baking, and wally loves sweets so it was the perfect idea! Then I got all of his presents, his card, and myself together and drove to his house. When I arrived at his house he ran out to meet me at my car with an umbrella so I wouldn't get my hair wet. He knows I'm the type that doesn't really care too much about hair, but he still came running out anyway! From his house, he drove us to a restaurant where we had dinner and watched a play. We had a lot of fun together and it was really really great!
Dress/ T.j. Maxx : Purse/ Thrifted : Shoes/ Old navy 
 Wally and I both agreed that we like dressing up and we don't need a special occasion to do so! So now we are going to just randomly start dressing up and going out for fun whenever and to wherever we want. Sounds like a fun and great idea to me.


Sabina said...

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Much love,

Joanna said...

Your date sounds lovely! Your outfit is really pretty too.

Your button is now on my blog :)

Clara said...

lovely pics
amazing blog!

Clara said...

lovely pics
amazing blog!

kristina said...

aww so cute you count the days. lovely picture dear!

sweetdisposition said...

so pretty- i love how light and airy this outfit looks. perfect for summer! and that last picture is too cute for words.

Kate Maggie said...

1. This is the cutest post I have read all day and im so glad that I did! Thanks for sharing :)
2. You two are incredibly cute (congrats on 730 days!) and I loooove your outfit. You look so lovely!
3. I LOVE cupcakes, so thanks for sharing this link! So excited!

Anonymous said...

beautiful outfit! :]


Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

You look very pretty, and congradulations

Jen said...

that is such a sweet date and the two of you are adorable! i love the idea of dressing up whenever you feel like dressing up. :)

you look gorgeous in this little white dress, by the way!

Rio said...

Love the idea of dressing up just because! :)

Rio said...

Love the idea of dressing up just because! :)

Mandyy said...

lovely pictures !
The white dress is beautiful <3
xoxo :D <3

v a m p i r e said...

congratz for the days of being together with him :)

Both of you are so sweet ,

and love the part when u said both of you love dressing up , i do agree we don't need reasons or occasions to dress to the nine

wish u ♥


Colleen said...

love that bag, that was a really great find

bee. said...

i love your sandals!
lovely post.